A New School Year

The school year has begun.  RD Retreat started at the beginning of August, and RA Retreat was last week.  SLS Retreat is this week (beginning Monday night), and all the new students will arrive this coming Saturday.

There are many, many details to take care of, and it becomes quite difficult to remember all that needs to be done on any given day.  I’m very thankful for the few years of experience on staff that God has given me, and the hard times that it took to gain that experience.

My heart seems much more calm and steady than usual, by the Lord’s grace.  I think that it’s because I’ve been through this a number of times before now — experience is definitely a means of grace that God uses to guard me against anxiety.  But I do want to learn to trust Him more deeply and fully in the times when I’m facing situations in which I have no experience and no earthly constructs with which to process them.

As always, the year will be over before I can say “Maranatha.”  I pray that the quickness with which the past 23-and-a-half have passed by will be a lesson that I will remember throughout this year that is presently beginning.  This year is not mine — it belongs to Another — may I not waste it.


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