Still a Sojourner: Thoughts on Moving to Oak Manor

This is my fourth post in as many days.  Either I’m being faithful to last Wednesday’s post and my desire to not frustrate any readers by posting only once every two months, or I’m wasting my time… I suppose I could be doing both.  Perhaps “wasting my time” is a bit strong.  I have enjoyed my time typing entries into xanga because of the opportunity to sit and meditate and formulate various thoughts.  But if it continues to cut into normal private journaling time, I’ll have to let it go.  A private journal to my Father is to me far more important than a journal for… whoever’s out there.  No offense.

We began moving to Oak Manor today.  Tonight I’m sleeping on a single mattress and Cindi is sleeping on our huge stuffed bear.  I don’t think I’m singling myself out when I say that I don’t especially enjoy transition periods such as moving.  At times, the process is quite enjoyable (such as the newness of your new home, experiencing the helpful service of close friends, finding stuff in the midst of packing that you haven’t seen for years), but after knowing that the plan of God has you moving on to another stage in life, it seems quite human to want to get there and to begin as soon as possible.

As always, there are many soul-feeding lessons here… oh, let me have eyes to see!

This transition time has reminded me that we are indeed sojourners, in a much greater and more eternal sense than I feel from simply moving.  The desire that I have to complete our move, to have everything out of this apartment and set up in organized fashion in our next apartment, and to be *done* and settled — such a desire ought to pale in comparison to the white-hot longing for Heaven and glory and the sight of the face of my Savior that is so integral and real and “inexpressible” (1 Peter 1:8) in the New Testament, and so utterly vanished from the American church because of its comfort and Christlessness (I say “its” and not “her” because most of the church in America is an organization and not the real bride, as well as because “Christlessness” ought not be used to refer to the true church of Christ Jesus).

We are set apart for and engaged to a passionately loving and long-suffering Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.  We do not know when the wedding will come, but we know that it will.  If such a Person and such an event and such a reality does not dominate my thinking and my passions and govern my actions and my purpose each and every day, then I have proven that I have indeed become drunk with the pleasures of this world and see no need in my soul for those of another.

We started moving today.  But I’m reminded that after the dust settles, I am still a sojourner, a weary traveler pressing on, and part of a betrothed wife with indescribable longings for a covenant Savior.

How many more lessons are there in such a simple act as moving?  So many more… open our eyes, Father.  We are so simple-minded.


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