A Father’s Prayer

Father of all fathers, and of Jesus Christ our Lord, Fatherhood is a great mystery. The calling is majestic, and the dangers real. We love our children, and we long to love them better, but we fail so frequently. We worship you as the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and marvel at … More A Father’s Prayer

Leaving the Ninety-Nine: Reflections on Leaving One to Bring Home Three

Monday marked our last day together as a three-person family with our precious and only son, Judah. Early Tuesday morning I will say my goodbyes and Cindi will fly Judah to Oklahoma to be cared for by grandparents as we depart for our three weeks in East Africa. One of the surprising emotions arising during these latter … More Leaving the Ninety-Nine: Reflections on Leaving One to Bring Home Three


My parents-in-law have a backyard pool.  On Monday, I taught Judah how to dive down and pick up rocks from the floor of the three-foot shallow end.  On Tuesday, we moved to the four-foot middle section to grab the same smooth red rocks.  On Wednesday, he gave it a go in the five-foot end, a deep … More Grow

Not Yours But You

This morning as I sat on the living room couch reading Isaiah, Judah informed me that we had only one Pop Tart left as he sat at the kitchen table munching on the second-to-last one.  Knowing that I was about to leave in the next few minutes, I took the opportunity to pass along a fundamental … More Not Yours But You

I Am a Father

I suppose Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day, is meant to be a unilateral holiday.  It’s typically a one-way expression of appreciation from children to their fathers.  Yet on my second Father’s Day, I find that it’s also a personal celebration of the high privilege and unique joy of fatherhood.  It’s a day to reflect on … More I Am a Father

The Power of Why

Sometime last year, Judah began asking a very basic but world-creating question: “What’s that?”  He would encounter some unknown object and would simultaneously point at it and look up at me with a look of hopeful curiosity: “Wuh-tat, Daddy?”  I would turn toward the object and kneel down next to him while gathering my thoughts.  I’d look … More The Power of Why

Judah’s First Year

One year ago today, Judah arrived at Los Angeles International Airport with Cindi after a 19-month adoption process.  From the first hours to the first week to the court appearance that made everything official to his second birthday, we have enjoyed a year of God’s obvious and relentless blessing. I just spent some time reading over some … More Judah’s First Year

A Wonderful Father

This morning I took Judah for a four-mile hike through the Placerita Canyon Nature Area just a few miles east of The Master’s College where we live and serve.  For my birthday last month Cindi and her mom bought me a Kelty baby carrier, an aluminum-structured pack made for hiking and weighing only six pounds (which almost makes up for Judah’s … More A Wonderful Father

Birthday and Anniversary

Today was Judah’s second birthday and our fifth anniversary.  We found out several months into the adoption process that Judah was born on our third anniversary.  He obviously doesn’t understand the significance of his birthday, but we certainly do.  He was born on December 20, 2005 at Mulago National Hospital near the capital city of … More Birthday and Anniversary

How Sweet the Sound

Tonight I stood as an adopted child of God holding my own adopted twenty-three-month-old East African son in a country where we couldn’t have sat together fifty years ago surrounded by white middle-class Baptists singing an old Christian hymn written by a former slave trader who had repented of enslaving my son’s ancestors.  Amazing grace, indeed.