Rwanda’s Deinstitutionalization Project for Children

This past Thursday, July 28, Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) along with the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) in Rwanda met to advance the Deinstitutionalization Project. The project aims to establish “a network to prevent new entries of children in orphanages and support the move of children in the birth families, extended families, foster families and national adoption.” Joining in attendance were “local leaders, health centers, hospital staff, national police and church leaders.”

Recommendations for religious leaders:

  • Sensitization on the benefits of families for the wellbeing of children and the worst consequences of orphanages.
  • Sensitization of Christians on the damaging effects of unlawful sexual intercourse.
  • Sensitization of Christians to receive orphans from orphanages into their families.
  • Establishment of a team that can help and follow up with Christians who want to receive children.

Recommendations for social affairs personnel:

  • Sensitization of Rwandans to treat each child as their own.
  • Sensitization of the population regarding parental responsibilities.
  • Sensitization of Rwandans regarding family planning.
  • Sensitization of the population on foster placement instructions and adoption process.
  • Mobilization of the population to be active in the existing programs concerning poverty alleviation countrywide.
  • Establishment of Early Childhood Development Centers which cater to children when their parents are away in their daily activities.
  • Advocating for reinforcing the police organizations in charge of investigations for abandoned children.

Recommendations for health centers:

  • Identification of each pregnant woman in the village with the aim of preventing any child abandonment and easy family tracing in case a child is abandoned.


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