Our Second Adoption

Our family recently started our second adoption.  We have told many of our close friends and family, and wanted to publicize it here so that you can know and pray.  We are attempting to adopt at least two children from Rwanda, which sits on the southwest border of Uganda.  So far we have completed some initial paperwork and finished our home study.  We don’t have a prediction for how long the process will take, and even if we did, we would hesitate from putting too much stock into it after our last experience.  God has promised us bigger things than a timeline, and we desire to look to those bigger things mainly and most often.

We would deeply appreciate your prayers.  So many prayed during our last adoption, and increasingly so as things got hairy.  Eternity may reveal that this was the reason why God chose to bring it to completion — His people asked.  You can pray for the following:

  1. That we might lean on God and not on our previous adoption experience.
  2. That God would protect us from presumption and would keep our hands open even while parental love begins to knit our hearts to the children we meet.  That we would be wise with our hearts between the time of introduction and finalization, but that our love and affection would not be bridled.  That we might care for them as His children even before they become (or even if they never become) ours.
  3. That God would continue to provide financially and that our faith would grow and blossom.  That God would grant us self-discipline and foresight in stewardship.
  4. That our Father would providentially give us to the children that He has for us, and that He would prepare our hearts to respond with joy to the children He places in our family.  Ask that He would wisely oversee their number, ages, genders, health, experiences, and needs.
  5. That God would fill us with clear biblical wisdom to teach our young son about the grace of adoption and the mercy of the gospel.
  6. That God would help us and others not to identify ourselves as an adopting family but a Christian family, and that our relationships would be flavored with the adoption but not overwhelmed with it.
  7. That God would stir others to adopt through watching us walk through the process again, and that those who are standing at the edge would jump.
  8. That God would give my wife special diligence, attention to detail, perseverance, and patience as she completes the mounds of paperwork and navigates the procedural, governmental, and international issues.
  9. That we would be a testimony for Christ and not for ourselves among the many government officials, orphanage workers, and inquiring strangers whose paths we will cross.
  10. That God would give us the desire of our hearts by bringing two or more Rwandan orphans into our home for life.
  11. That God would glorify, honor, and publicize Himself and His love for His children (including us and orphans) through this adoption.

I want to give a special, public note of thanks to the dozens of people who kicked off this adoption financially last year with a significant monetary gift that was collected to help us.  There may only be several who visit this blog — God knows who you are — but I want you to know that we are more grateful than we can say.  I can picture like yesterday the moment the gift was presented.  If the Lord wills, someday we will tell your story to some grown Rwandan children who will then realize that their family was much larger than they thought.  You have seen and have believed that God is a father to the fatherless, and you have joined Him in this.  We thank you.  May your reward in heaven be great.

3 thoughts on “Our Second Adoption

  1. May the Lord richly bless you and Cindi as you seek to adopt once again. You are a testimony to all who watch as you walk in obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  2. My church recently began a parternship with a church in Uganda. They have a school attached and gave us a bunch of pictures of their students that our church raised scholarships for. A couple of them were Judah’s age–good memories. I’m definately way excited for your family.


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