Judah’s First Year

One year ago today, Judah arrived at Los Angeles International Airport with Cindi after a 19-month adoption process.  From the first hours to the first week to the court appearance that made everything official to his second birthday, we have enjoyed a year of God’s obvious and relentless blessing.

I just spent some time reading over some old adoption posts.  What an unbelievable process, and what magnificent fruit (I don’t just mean Judah).  Thank you for your prayers throughout, and glory be to God.

To celebrate, we decided to take Judah to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time.  On the way home from church we told him we had a surprise for him.  Once we arrived home, we changed him into shorts and then I sat down with him in the hallway to make the announcement.  Remember that he has no idea what Chuck E. Cheese is.  He just knows it’s a surprise, and therefore it must be good.  If only we all trusted our Father this much.

7 thoughts on “Judah’s First Year

  1. How awesome! Praise God. What great gifts our Father gives His children. Rejoicing with you,

    Rick Z

  2. Congrats on this ‘family/adoption’ anniversary!! I never can seem to get enough of recognizing and celebrating such ‘milestones’!!!

    I seriously thought Judah had been home longer–maybe that’s cause in my thinking/mind he was ‘yours’ long before he arrived!

    And oh my–Chuck E. Cheese!!!! I do hope you post on how that went (videos?????)! :-)

  3. How precious! I agree with Sam’s comment… I can’t believe it’s already been a year, and then again, I can’t imagine your family without Judah. What a blessing!

  4. What a special day! We praise the Lord with you guys for His kindness and love! In reading the accounts of the whole process it is apaprent that God revealed Himself to you in a very tangible way. Praise God for little Judah!


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