Entebbe –> London –> Los Angeles: A Little Boy Comes Home

Nathan Flook at the U.S. embassy completed Judah’s visa in eight hours on Wednesday.  He met with Cindi at 7:30am, and although his office normally closes at 3:30pm, he extended his day and told Cindi to come at 4:00pm.  When she arrived, the visa was finished.  She is currently spending the night in Entebbe near the international airport.  Lord-willing, she’ll board a British Airways flight on Thursday morning, spend the night in London on a long layover, and arrive at LAX at 1:10pm on Friday afternoon.

I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll pick them up at the airport or just pay for them to take a taxi while I wait for them here at our apartment.

Once again we are praising God for His provision.  This particular step wasn’t discombobulated like most of the others, but we do not attribute that to mere happenstance.  God is the creator of every path, whether rough or smooth.  I would appreciate your prayers for safe travel, the children’s compliance and contentment on the flights, and a smooth process as they go through customs.

Update:  The middle paragraph is a joke.  I wouldn’t dream of not being at the airport.  Apparently my sense of humor is a bit inconspicuous. :)

25 thoughts on “Entebbe –> London –> Los Angeles: A Little Boy Comes Home

  1. ‘Wow, Gunner’s showing quite a bit of restraint, waiting for them at the apt…’ So I thought at first. I couldn’t understand WHY someone would pay for a taxi when he could go himself, though. Thanks for clearing it up! I praise God for his orchestration of your lives. Thank you for encouraging so many by sharing your walk with all of us! It’s been a huge blessing to me and a stirring challenge to follow you as you follow Christ. I count it a privilege to know you! And… I hope to meet Judah someday. I just got choked up merely thinking about seeing him with his daddy. I wonder if the orange shorts still fit him…


  2. Hi to you and the family! I am very much looking forward to meeting him!! Is there news on the Tat’s’ adoption process?

  3. Gunner and Cindi, It’s 2:20 on Friday and I am hoping you guys have reunited already! Praise God for his work in expanding your family and for the growth of your faith… I too am learning that EVERYTHING God does is good, even when it’s hard. look forward to meeting Judah soon!!!

  4. yay!!! i’m so excited for you guys!! like mike wrote, thanks for being so open throughout this process. I’ve been so humbled and encouraged to see your hearts as you wait on the Lord.

  5. Gunner!
    Sarah and I are so excited for you guys!
    God is good ALL THE TIME!
    Thank you as well for blessing me through your public theological wrestling through of a very emotional and personal rollercoaster of an adoption
    it was convicting, challenging, and encouraging how you strove to interpret Biblically the twists and turns of the journey
    keep on brother

  6. Gunner!

    I have limited internet access so I can only check this every few days…I read the good news and wept–wept for joy! Not because we had “our desires” met, not because things worked out in the way we thought best, but because the awesome God we serve orchestrated time and events in the way that He saw most fit and in a way that brought Him all the glory. I’m reminded of something you told us at RA training last year, “If we do anything in our own strength then God doesn’t get any of the glory and we have nothing to show for it.”

    Praise the Lord! I can’t wait to meet Judah myself in about four weeks!!!

    “Everything is beautiful in its time.”
    Ecclesiastes 3:11

  7. wow, who doesn’t pick up their own wife and son at the airport? I was wondering if you had some really spiritual motive- nice joke. Praise God everything is working out!

  8. Everyone: Thank you for your love, prayers, encouragement, and support. Judah does not yet know just how big his family is. As I read each name of those who’ve commented above, I’m flooded with memories of the various relationships we’ve had with you and how we’ve been blessed and impacted. I can tell that even those I only know through this blog are true friends. Thank you for loving Christ, for loving us, and for loving our son.

  9. I got goose bumps reading that and knowing that tomorrow at this time you’ll be with your son. Kellie, Lukas, and I send our love and we’re stoked to meet the little man!

  10. Praise the Lord! We will be praying for your reunion as well as safe travels. It has been such a blessing for us to see God’s character and loving kindness through this all. Your heart in it has been inspiring, encouraging, sobering…again, praise the Lord!

  11. Bro I just want to thank you and your wife for being so transparent through this whole process. I have sat and quietly read all that you have gone through in this process; your faith and trust in God and His will are amazing and a testament to what character we should all desire to have. Thank you for ministering to me without even knowing it. Blessings to you, your wife and son!

  12. this news joys my heart more than my words can express. i’ve kept up, reading your blog and the updates throughout this long process. i’ve prayed along with you. so many times i’ve wanted to comment but found myself speechless. i suppose i still am, but wanted somehow to express to you and cindi how my heart has been with you in this and continues to be. you two are more precious to brad and I than you know. we love you both.

  13. Shew, that’s good to know!! I’m normally not humor-challenged, but I guess the ‘mother’ in me kicked into high gear this time! :-)

    Glad that you’ll be at the airport–wish we could be a part of the “welcome” committee/party, too!

    When do you think those of us in “God’s Country” have the joy of meeting Judah face-to-face??? :-)

  14. How incredabily wonderful! I will be praying as I go about my day, especially today and tomorrow. And by the way! Congratulations to you and Cindi on the new arrival of your dear boy!

  15. Wow!! That is wonderful news, we are praising God with you – and will be praying for continued guidance as you seek to raise Judah according to the ways of the Lord. Love & blessings from New Zealand!

  16. Oh, that is so great! We can’t wait to see you three home together! Totally got your sense of humor. Tom has one just like that. Took some time for me to get used to lol. Congratulations!

  17. Rejoicing with you, and praying for the remaining travel details

    Please forgive me for being so bold, but unless you are providentially hindered please seriously consider greeting them at the airport. What greater “refreshment” could there be than to see husband/father at the airport ready to gather mother and son, and take them home!


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