Adoption Update: Cindi in Uganda

Cindi arrived in Uganda on Thursday morning along with a couple other adopting families.  They were greeted at the airport by some orphanage personnel and the soon-to-be-adopted children.  Judah didn’t recognize Cindi (he cried and arched his back when they gave him to her), but we knew that re-bonding would be necessary.  She said he looks incredibly different — he’s gotten taller and thinner.  We expected that, too.  The actual words Cindi used:  “He looks like he’s eight.”

It was a pretty chaotic day overall.  Judah and the other children were woken up at 4:00am and didn’t go to bed until 9:00pm because the airport is 2-3 hours from the orphanage (Judah’s normal schedule is about 6:30am – 6:30pm).  Judah has pneumonia, so that didn’t help things, either.  After getting off the plane around 8:00am, Cindi got the runaround from the passport agency and spent the day running between various government officials in the capitol city Kampala.  Everyone seemed to want something different or send her to someone else, and people who said on the phone that they would be in their offices weren’t there when she arrived.  She waited for hours in various offices.  At one point she said she [1] took a piki (small motorcycle) [2] through Kampala (bad traffic) [3] in the rain [4] in her white skirt.  She was in good spirits about it during our Instant Messenger conversation, so it sounded more like a funny story than a frustration.

The passport office asked for two things today, which helped make it a busy day: (1) a cover letter from the Ugandan Minister of Gender and (2) an aproval letter from our adoption agency here in Santa Clarita.  Cindi finally got the cover letter after a lot of work in Kampala, and our agency here in California worked quickly and got the necessary approval letter, so Cindi will turn everything in tomorrow around 1:00pm and hope that they start processing the passport.  The blessing of the runaround was that she met some government officials in person.  The frustration of it is that the government is inefficient and many people abuse their authority and lord it over people who they should be helping.  That’s not a surprise to us at this point, but it’s still difficult to deal with.

You can pray in a few ways:

  • Pray that Cindi might walk by the Spirit and exercise both patience and boldness in her dealings with the government.
  • Pray that both Cindi and Judah’s health might improve, especially since they may need to travel in the weeks to come.
  • Pray that the Lord would strengthen and sustain Cindi’s faith as she faces the strange ways of the government and the uncertainties of these final few steps of the process.  No one’s faith is unassailable.
  • Pray that the passport office would begin processing the passport and that Judah’s visa would also be completed soon (the U.S. embassy can only begin working on the visa when the passport is completed).

Thanks for your prayers and concern.

4 thoughts on “Adoption Update: Cindi in Uganda

  1. I’m praying!!

    Thanks for your response to my note. I’ve actually been back in the country since the 20th of June, but only now realy processing all that I saw and experienced. God has definitely given me a new desire to care for the orphans around the world!


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