Huge Adoption News!

We found out this morning that the judge wrote a positive ruling for Judah on Friday, June 15!  We were aware that he had written positive rulings for the Anderson’s and the Pari’s, but the package containing those two rulings had not been opened yet because the orphanage administrator who handles them was sick.  When she recently opened the package, there were three rulings instead of two!

Those of you who have followed along throughout the process know that this near-final step has been postponed and unpredictable for a few months now.  We weren’t sure if or when we would get a ruling, and what that ruling would be if it ever came.  It had been rescheduled multiple times, and the latest scheduled date was June 29.  The judge wrote it two weeks early!

Things are not set in stone yet because the ruling has to have very specific terminology regarding the adoption — that Judah will immigrate to the United States for “full and final adoption.”  From what we’ve heard, the ruling doesn’t contain those exact words, but it’s close.  We should find out tomorrow morning whether or not the U.S. embassy will accept the wording that’s on our ruling.  If they don’t accept the wording, we would have to make some changes that could take quite a bit more time.  If they do accept the wording, Judah could be in our arms within the next two weeks.

Either way, the good news is that the judge has now given positive rulings for three different Amani families.  None of these rulings were motivated by bribery or special pleading; only prayer and persistence.  This is wonderful news for the children, for the orphanage, for the adopting families, and for potential adopting families who are on a waiting list.

The orphanage has already begun scheduling various appointments for Judah so that the ball will be rolling in case the U.S. embassy does accept our ruling as it stands.  These appointments wouldn’t take more than a couple weeks, and we have multiple friends who will be in Uganda over the next month and who are willing to bring Judah home to us if the process gets finalized.

Thank you again for your prayers and concern.  So many have chosen to take this journey with us, and we consider it a privilege to walk together with you along the joyful path called providence.  We do not know how it will twist and turn and whether the wind will be on our face or at our back on any given day, but we do know who leads us, and we are very happy to follow Him.

15 thoughts on “Huge Adoption News!

  1. I’ve been following your journey for a little while now. Praise God! I’m so very happy for you, your family and Judah! I’ll continue to pray until he’s in your arms :o)

  2. Gunner and Cindi – I know this has been a long road, and I’m so glad to hear. Eager to find out what’s next…

  3. PRAISE GOD! How awesome. Gunner and Cindy, may the Lord continue to open the doors for the rest of this adoption process.

    Blessings and love,

    Geoff Kirkland

  4. What an encouraging surprise! That news has encouraged my faith that God is working within His established timeline to bring Judah to the States.

  5. yesterday we cried (well, i did, the kids watched) happy tears upon hearing this news. please keep us up to date on what the U.S. says! i can’t wait for judah to be in your arms, and mine!!

  6. When I first saw the title of this post, I gasped outloud!!!! I’m so very grateful that God has turned the heart of the judge in this manner, and continue to pray for His mercy and grace toward you and Judah in the days to come!

  7. Yay!!!!!!!!!
    Praise the LORD. I am so excited for your faith-filled journey and how the LORD is unfolding it.
    Press on my friends!!! It’s been amazing seeing the LORD do this work over the last year (+/-) :)


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