Summer Plans

Because we serve in a dorm at a Christian college, our summer activities are always quite different than our semester schedule.  So for family and friends who might be interested and for those who like to pray with a schedule in mind, here are our tentative summer plans (including the past couple weeks):

  • May 14-18:  Biblical Ethics class at TMS (Dr. Grisanti)
  • May 15-17:  Student Life Senior Staff Retreat in Santa Barbara
  • May 21-25:  Resident Director Exit Week
  • May 26 – June 3:  Trip to New York and Boston with Cindi
  • June 4-15:  Exegesis of Psalms class (Dr. Barrick)
  • June 5:  Scheduled adoption ruling
  • June 15-19:  Speaking at Northpoint Evangelical Free Church College Retreat on Catalina Island
  • June 20-21:  Biblical Ethics class presentations (Dr. Grisanti) [my paper/presentation is on homosexuality]
  • June 25 – July 6:  Theology of Missions class at TMS (Dr. Craigen)
  • July 9-27:  Student Life planning and preparation responsibilities for August
  • July 30 – August 3:  Resident Director Retreat
  • August 6-10:  Resident Assistant Retreat
  • August 13-17:  Servant Leadership Staff Retreat
  • August 18-24:  Week of Welcome (orientation week for new students)
  • August 27:  TMC semester begins
  • August 28:  TMS semester begins

We’d appreciate your prayers for increased faith, passion, diligence, and perseverance.  We don’t believe that what we’re doing is better or more than what anyone else is doing, but we do want to do it well and for the Lord.  Most of all, please pray for us to walk with pure hearts and Spirit-led minds in all that we do.  I believe that the Lord will evaluate our summer not by our event schedule but by the object and the degree of our affections.  Pure hands normally come easier than a pure heart.  We pray for the latter because it guarantees the former.

Finally, we continue to pray that the Lord would direct the heart of our Ugandan judge to make timely decisions throughout June in favor of the families trying to adopt children from the Amani Baby Cottage.  Thank you so much for praying with us.  We have found it to be a genuinely happy thing to trust Him in this.

3 thoughts on “Summer Plans

  1. I was sent your web site and have truly enjoyed it. Last year, I spent 2 months at Amani and had the privledge to love on your son and all the other precious children there. You and all the others adopting are in my fervant prayers along with Danyne, Holly and everyone who serve God’s kids at Amani. Your court date is on my prayer calendar!!


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