Cindi’s Home

Cindi returned home from Uganda on Monday morning.  I picked her up from LAX around 11:00am and we spent much of the day together.  Obviously it was difficult for her to leave Judah, but she’s glad to be home.  Some missionaries named the Bissets invited her to stay in their home for the last two weeks after I left.  We met the Bissets at a Good Friday service early in our trip, they had us over for dinner a few days before I left, and they showed Cindi Christ-like hospitality in making her a part of their family for the past two weeks.

The Bissets have two dogs, one of which is a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Hobbs.  This made for a fun time for Cindi, because we love animals and would definitely own a dog if we didn’t live in a dorm.  Ridgebacks are named for the striking ridge of brown hair that runs up their back in the opposite direction of their tan coat.  They’re built like a cross between a Doberman and a Rottweiler, and have been used to hunt lions.  This is probably my new favorite dog, although I must say that my fellow R.D. Jeff Lewis beat me to it because when I told him these missionaries had a Ridgeback and asked him if he had ever heard of the breed, his eyes lit up and he told me it was his favorite dog.  Suffice it to say that both of us would have Ridgebacks if we didn’t live in our respective dorms.

Our court ruling is still scheduled for June 5.  We don’t have to fly back to Uganda because it’s only a judicial ruling, not a court appearance.  We don’t know what the ruling will be at this point, although most people believe it will be positive because Ugandan law states that the judge must act in the best interests of the child.  As before, it’s possible for the ruling to be delayed.  If we do get approval to bring Judah back to the States, the orphanage administrators will complete the process in Uganda and will send Judah home with another adopting family or a returning volunteer.  So regarding the adoption, we are simply waiting and praying at this point.  Regarding the rest of life, there is plenty to do, as always.

Cindi says that Judah looks bigger.  From the pictures she brought home, I think so, too.  Many of the kids got haircuts soon after I left, and Judah was one of the kids that got their heads shaved.  A few pictures and videos are below.  What an absolute ham.

I love this kid’s smile.

Big Smiling Judah

This is Judah’s “I’m-really-excited!” face.  Apparently he’s already taking care of the younger children.  Good job, son.  Or trying to steal their toys.  Judah, no!

Judah Playing with the Rocker

This was taken on Cindi’s last day at the orphanage (Sunday).  He’s not really a baby anymore — he’s a little boy.

Last Day Together

Cindi also took this video on the last day that she was with Judah — only about 48 hours ago.  If you like kids, it’s worth all three minutes.

In other news, what happens when a Rhodesian Ridgeback goes toe-to-toe with a small feisty chameleon hanging onto a big leaf?  This (which went on for about an hour, Cindi said):

9 thoughts on “Cindi’s Home

  1. I didn’t know so many of my friends already knew about ridgebacks. That’s great.

    Donovan: I can’t believe you owned four ridgebacks! I should’ve known. Thanks for clarification regarding the chameleon. I’ve edited the post to reflect the more precise classification. You’ll love the next post — feel free to add some more clarifying comments because I’m sure you’ll recognize some things that I wouldn’t. Thanks for your prayers!

  2. : )

    I had several Ridgebacks growing up in South Africa… I love them! Our property was 3/4 acre, so at one point we had 4 of them at once!! Twas great!

    Also, in the Ridgeback vs Reptile vid – The reptile is a chameleon, and the almost black coloring he’s showing means he’s VERY upset! I wonder why? : ) (I had one of them as a pet too!) : )

    I love you guys very much, and I’m praying…

  3. I hope Judah comes soon! I look at the blog every so often in the middle of the night, like tonight, you guys are an inspiration to me.

  4. Juadah is awesome! Can’t wait to meet him.

    And, I love Ridebacks…have always wanted one. I learned about them in grade school and considered getting one in HS (for all my lion hunting)…we got a retreiver instead (no comparison).

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