Court Date Correction, Thoughts on Returning, and Pictures and Video

I arrived back in Los Angeles this morning.  Cindi is still in Uganda for three more weeks and possibly longer depending on the outcome of our upcoming court date.  She emailed me yesterday and told me that our court date is actually on Wednesday, April 25th, not Tuesday the 24th.  There had been confusion regarding the actual date for the past two-and-a-half weeks, but apparently it’s finally settled.  There are four cases before Cindi’s.  Then she will appear before the judge followed by Scott and Erin Littleton, a couple seeking to adopt two children from Amani.  We are soaking this in prayer — there is nothing else we can do.  And what a healthy place to be.  Here’s how you can pray.

There are a lot of thoughts swirling around in my head from the last few days after three weeks in Africa meeting our potential son, leaving him and my wife there indefinitely, awaiting the judge’s ruling, wondering what God’s will might be for us and Judah, stepping back into a busy and radically different life in Southern California college ministry, and feeling a bit strange trying to adjust to life on the highway of America after experiencing a large speed bump called Africa.  I wouldn’t say that I have reverse culture shock (at least not an extreme version) or that I feel uniquely angry about American excess and materialism and ungratefulness.  But I do feel more than a bit strange and out of place for a variety of reasons.  That’s OK.  It will pass.  Hopefully quickly enough that I don’t wallow in it but not so quickly that I learn nothing.  Life was slow in Africa because of the culture and because our purpose was so singular; I had little to do and a lot of time to think.  Life is fast in America because of the culture and because we are pulled in many different directions; I have lots to do and little time to think.  Both have their place and season, although these past three weeks were full of needed rest and refreshing meditation.  May God grant us all discernment to know which pace we should choose and when.

But enough rumination.  I have fast and reliable internet access now, and that means that I should be posting pictures and videos instead of only words.  If you’re a family adopting out of Amani, please comment or send me an email and let me know what child you’re matched up with (  I’ll post a fair number of pictures and short videos here, but if I have a lot of media of the child you’re seeking to adopt, I’ll try to burn a CD and send it to you (e.g., Christopher, because he’s one of my favorites).  The orphanage administrators put a lot of effort towards sending you pictures, but you simply can’t understand how difficult it is to do such a simple task with the inconsistency of internet and electricity and the full, unpredictable schedules they keep.  That’s part of the reason why I tried to take many pictures of the kids whose families I know.  I will post as many of the best pictures as soon as I can.  Meanwhile, here are some (mainly of Judah) that I would’ve posted from Uganda but couldn’t until now:

Judah Meets Gunner (Monday, April 2, 2007)

Judah Meets His Parents on Monday, April 2, 2007

Gunner Holding Christopher

Gunner Holding Christopher

Judah and Matthias – Fun Before Bedtime

Judah and Matthias Pointing

High Fives

Judah Walking in Cindi’s Sandals

Judah Is OUT

Judah on the Balcony of Our Hotel Room

Judah Looking Out Over Lake Victoria

Judah Watches the Fishermen on Lake Victoria

Judah Watches the Fishermen on Lake Victoria

This final picture reminds of this.

I beg you now, O Lord of grace:
Let Judah early seek Your face.
Dear God of sight, please hear my plea:
I want my son to always see.

3 thoughts on “Court Date Correction, Thoughts on Returning, and Pictures and Video

  1. Welcome back to all the bittersweet moments. THanx for your reflections too…God is cool for allowing you and Cindi this journey and to have insight to His provision and His constant going before you.
    Let me know if you need anything.

  2. Glad you made it back safe, Gunner. I know it wasn’t the desire of your heart to leave your family behind, but at least we know who holds their lives in His hand! Thanks for the videos and photos…I especially love the one of Judah asleep in your hotel. :) Heard from Cindi today and that was a joy. I will be praying throughout today and tonight for the time in court. I’m excited to see how God continues to redefine you and Cindi (and Judah) as He directs your path over the next days and weeks.

  3. Praising the Lord for your safe return, and praying for Cindy & Judah.

    The pics. & video are great–Judah is such a cutie! As we waited for our girls, I recall longing for MORE photos or video–we “hung” on every glimpse we got of them, and shamelessly shared them with anyone and everyone!

    I KNOW the other families greatly appreciate your efforts to photo/video their children.


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