Prayer for Fiona’s Funeral

This morning (Thursday night U.S. time) a seven-year-old girl who was handicapped in multiple ways died in a village a few miles from Jinja where we’re at.  Her name was Fiona.  She was precious to several of the orphanage workers, and the orphanage administrators had helped care for her by offering medical help and passing along finances to her family from some people in the States who had met her on a trip in 2005.  People are buried on the same day here for obvious reasons, and the funeral will be at 4:00pm Friday (6:00am Pacific and 8:00am Central).  The orphanage administrators have asked me to share for 10-15 minutes at the funeral (even though I had never heard of Fiona until around noon today when I heard that she died).  This is because some of her family is Muslim and the believers at the orphanage want God’s Word to be shared instead of having a random Muslim minister speak (the family doesn’t have anyone close to them that they were adamant to have speak).  Pray that God would cause the gospel to be clearly heard and received by all who are there.  I would also appreciate prayer for wisdom, tenderness, and boldness.  Unforeseen and unimaginable situations like these are why our main prayer request is that we would walk by the Spirit.  May God shine the light of Christ into this little village today, and may Fiona’s death bring life.

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