Getting Ready

I won’t be writing as much as normal (at least not here) over the next few days if not the next few weeks.  I don’t assume that anyone cares about my presence or absence within the blogging world, but I think it’s fair to let you know.  We leave in sixteen days to go get Judah (March 31) and there’s a lot to do between now and then — mainly seminary work that’s been pushed forward by the trip and student leadership interviews (and decisions) from March 19-30.  Not to mention preparing for the trip, preparing to be a dad, and preparing to bring a little round boy into our home.

Right now the college is on Spring Break, and although I still have seminary classes (Seminar in Soteriology, Seminar in Eschatology, and Charismatic Theology), I have a lot more time than normal to study.  And I need it, with two big projects to complete before we leave for Uganda: (1) a paper/presentation on N. T. Wright’s view of justification and (2) a research presentation on the characteristics and timing of the biblical resurrections and their place in the chronology of eschatology.  I’m glad that both of these are very simple, straightforward issues.

If you would be so kind, I would appreciate your prayers.  Studying all day every day gets wearisome (and time will be rare after Spring Break), especially when you’re wrestling with Scripture and scholarship and wanting to get it right.  There are so many views out there on every issue imaginable.  It gets overwhelming and often discouraging.  I look forward to the day when there are no more questions, or at least no more arguments.  But until then, I wrestle.

I also want to be a good father and I fear that I won’t be.  I assume that every father feels this way before the fact, but that makes it no less intense.  There is a strange composite feeling of joy and caution as I prepare to meet my son for the first time.  A lot of dynamics go into it, but the simple cry of my heart is to love and cherish Judah and to raise him well for the Lord’s sake.  I want him to know what it means to be cared for by the Father, and that is a staggering calling.  I want to rejoice over Judah and tremble over my responsibility, and at the end of the day, be the man I ought to be.

There are too many other people and situations that are more worth praying for than me right now, and I realize this every time I go to pray for those in my life whose trials and needs and requests I’m aware of, but if you might include me when you go before the Lord throughout the day, I will trust that the Lord will look graciously upon my small life and labor and will give me needed strength and daily grace to press forward.  Thanks — may the Lord help us grasp the heights of His plan for us (Keith Getty, “Speak, O Lord”).

6 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Have been thinking about ya’ll–how very busy you must be now and will be next week, imagining what must be going through your heads, reflecting on our own preparations before our trip to adopt our girls not so long ago. You continue to be in my/our prayers!! Looking forward to hearing/reading more when you are able.

  2. Gunner- I am certainly praying for you guys as you get ready to leave! I am so excited for you, but understand that it’s not all joy and excitement. I just wanted to encourage you, that I have a dad who has taught me through his life and example and love what it means to be cared for by my Heavenly Father– but he is no perfect man. He has sinned, and failed, and caused pain. But God is wonderfully glorified in the love of an imperfect earthly father. It just proves all the more how perfect our Heavenly Father is.

  3. Gunner,
    David and I will be praying for you three. It has been such an encouragement to see your faith grow through this struggle. I trust God has used this time of waiting to prepare you to be a great Father. You have grown so close to your heavenly Father during this time and I know Judah will benefit from that. God has truly blessed you and your family. It is always wonderful to see prayer answered. We look forward to future posts as you learn to become godly parents. Our Lord be with you and Cindi!

  4. You, Cindy and Judah have been in my/our prayers and will continue to be in the coming days/weeks/months! It is such a joy to watch God add to your family in His time and according to His plan–and it makes me feel a bit old having known you pre-seminary, pre-marriage, etc.! :-)

    I know our adoption experiences are very different in many ways, but the basic concerns/fears/joys are the same. Next to marriage, I think parenthood has been one of God’s greatest tools in my sanctification–oh my! It’s a marvelous and exhilarating thing you are embarking upon, yet very humbling at the same time–trust ONLY on Him.

    Do keep us posted to the best of your ability (technology-wise), we’re anxious to continue watching God’s providence in your life and that of Judah’s!!

    Sidnote: I took special notice of one of your classes, Charismatic Theology. You know my history so you won’t be surprised that I continue to examine and consider this very topic. Would enjoy/appreciate anything you care to share from class at your convenience in the future–whenever THAT may be. Ha!

  5. Gunner, being up at 4 am sifting through peoples many views on subjects I am writing on, as I try to get caught up on work before my new son arrives next week, your post resonates. I have prayed for you and will over these next days. And I have every expectation that you will be an excellent father.


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