Judah’s Lunch

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Our son is probably going to be huge.  Here’s more evidence from a volunteer at Amani:

I (rachel) actually took Charles [Judah] in to Jinja yesterday because I had the morning off. He is one of my favorites and was a doll the whole time! He fell asleep instantly as we walked out of Amani’s gate and slept during the entire boda boda ride to town. I was with some other volunteers and we took the kids to lunch at the Source Cafe. Judah ate a ton! A whole egg omelette, toast with another egg, a 1/4 of a waffle, and chocolate cake! He was smiley and happy the whole time and I got some adorable pictures of him. He wore a hat the whole time to keep the sun out of his face and everyone thought he was such a beautiful baby.

So apparently my 11-month-old son is eating omelette-toast-egg-waffle-cake breakfasts and riding small motorcycles into town.  No wonder he’s such a happy little guy.

8 thoughts on “Judah’s Lunch

  1. Gunner…

    When you come to a conclusion on the issue of witnessing in gay bars could you please make a post about it? I have discussed this issue with friends but I don’t know how to handle it…

  2. THanks for clarifing.
    One thing that I brought up with some classmates concerning Driscoll’s gay bar story is that in his book, the story starts by Driscoll having lunch with his formerly “Christian” friend who is now entrenched in the gay lifestyle. This friend says that the only way that he will attend Driscoll’s church is if Driscoll would come to his “church” – a gay bar. Driscoll hesitantly agrees and it if in this one night that everything else occurs (ie sitting in on the Gay rodeo committee). Driscoll was not, nor does he make it a practice (as far as I know) of frequenting gay bars for the purpose of evangelism (or for any other purpose i hope). The way it was presented in class was that Driscoll has some type of specific gay cowboy bar ministry on a regular basis. not the case. just wanted to get that out there. ok enough talk about Driscoll.

  3. If any of you are wondering what Tim is talking about (comment above), especially his reference to evangelism at gay cowboy bars, we’re in the same class at seminary where the topic of proper evangelistic locations has come up. Mark Driscoll has spent time at homosexual bars doing evangelism before, and this topic has been kicked around in class the past few days. You can probably imagine where most TMS students stand on the issue. I’m still deciding where I stand. And to decide that, I have to decide where Jesus and Paul stood.

  4. hey slacker,
    saw you took off for vacation. Jesse called on you to ask you about what you said about driscoll on Wednesday and then saw you had left. he said something about having to bring you down a couple grade levels or something and then muttered something about questioning your salvation. he said you probably went to a gay cowboy bar to evangelize the lost.

    actually, he didn’t say anything. have a joyous thanksgiving.

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