Adoption Update: A Growing Boy

I have some orange Adidas athletic shorts with the three white Adidas stripes down the side.  My friend Mark Secomb bought them for me on the way back from a student staff retreat a couple years ago because he wanted to replace my old-school fluorescent green ones that I’ve always worn in intramural games.

Then about six months ago, Cindi returned home from running errands one day and told me she wanted to show me something.  She had found the exact same orange Adidas athletic shorts, sized for a 9-month-old.  Judah and I now have matching shorts.

But there’s a problem.  We thought our adoption would take 6-9 months to complete.  We’re now in our 11th month.  On December 20th (our anniversary), Judah will turn 1.  That means he’s already a month-and-a-half past the 9-month mark, which means he’ll be too big for us to wear our matching shorts when he gets here.

But on Wednesday of this past week, I came home from an afternoon RD meeting after a full day, and right when I walked in the door, Cindi told me she had a present for me.  We walked into my study and there on my laptop was the first slide of a PowerPoint presentation.  It was from Judah.  Unbeknownst to me, she had given Judah’s orange shorts to missionary Shannon Hurley when he was here visiting the States.  On Wednesday of this past week, Shannon went to the orphanage, put the shorts on Judah, took pictures for us, and sent the pictures to Cindi.  We hadn’t seen any new pictures of Judah for about 2 months, and the orange shorts were definitely a huge plus.

Judah is growing from a baby into a little boy.  He still has his big belly, wide frame, and happy smile, and he still sticks his two fingers in his mouth when he’s tired or sleeping, but he’s also grown two small bottom teeth and he’s definitely a lot bigger.  And he also has some really cool shorts just like his daddy.

Judah Smiling - November 8, 2006

Judah Sleeping with Orange Shorts - November 11, 2006

Judah Sleeping with Fingers in Mouth - November 11, 2006

Judah Smiling with Orange Shorts - November 11, 2006

In terms of the adoption process itself, about a month ago the Lord led the government official who needed to sign our custody papers to sign them.  We received those in the mail and promptly turned them in to the California state government.  We hope these papers will finalize our I-600 application which has been on hold the past few months.  If our I-600 is approved, all we will need is an affadavit from Uganda that will allow us to get a court date scheduled (this could still take a few months).  If our I-600 is denied because the government wants more paperwork that we don’t have, we may have to fly to Uganda to get those papers (and meet Judah), fly back with the papers (without Judah) and turn them in to the government here, wait for our application to be approved, and then fly back over to Uganda a second time to pick up Judah, finalize everything, and bring him home.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued prayers, and for how so many of you have celebrated with us as the Lord moves the process forward step by step.  Judah is certainly loved by a family much bigger than just our own.

3 thoughts on “Adoption Update: A Growing Boy

  1. He’s GORGEOUS (in a little-man sort of way). I love how our sovereign God’s fingerprints are all over your family’s “story”– that in itself is a huge encouragement to me and my family. He is at work; He is good.

  2. Gunner,

    It is such a joy to see how God continues to knit your family together–interwoven with stories such as the orange shorts!! So sweet & cute!!

  3. I’m currently going through the process to become a foster parent. I’ve done everything required and now just have to wait on the FBI and a homestudy. I’m excited for Judah and both of you. I can easily imagine your anticipation. I’m most certainly wishing the best (God’s Will) for the three of you.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us!


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