Judah Update: Thank You for Praying

Thanks to all who prayed for our tenuous I-600 adoption application that we turned in to the State of California on Friday.  I posted a prayer request about this on Friday and we also sent out a lot of emails to friends and family.  Here’s the update Cindi sent out yesterday (Saturday):

Praise the Lord for His goodness yesterday. When I turned my papers in for our I-600, the lady looked them over and nodded. She didn’t really say anything…but she was a lot nicer than normal :)  After she looked at my papers and wrote some notes on them, she gave them to me and sent me upstairs to the cashier. In the elevator, I was looking over the papers and and I saw a little note that said “docs ok” and it was signed by her! We are praying that means that our documents were acceptable. It is a good sign that she even accepted them from me…and didn’t turn me away right there. Ultimately, an officer has to look over everything and approve our form. We should get the final answer within a month.

In a nutshell, the meeting yesterday went the best it possible could have gone…we have no doubt that the Lord is at work! Thank you for your prayers and we will keep you updated!

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone and everyone :)

The Lord is good. cindi (and Gunner)

Like any answer to prayer (especially tentative ones), this doesn’t mean we don’t need to pray anymore or that God has handed the reins over to us and has stepped out of the picture.  We still lean on Him and we seek to have our hearts settled in His will.  But this does mean that the Lord was loyal to His promise to answer our prayers when we call upon Him.  This encourages us not to stop praying but to keep praying, and not because we temporarily got what we wanted but because He is the one true and living God who works for those who wait for Him.

Again, thank you for your prayers.  We earnestly hope that our conduct with Judah and the life that he leads will prove worthy of so much Christian grace and partnership.

Judah with OM Guys


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