Judah Update and Prayer Request

We returned from Servant Leadership Staff Retreat on Wednesday and are putting the finishing touches on our preparations before the new students arrive on WOW Saturday.  No matter how many times I remind myself, I always learn that experience is never quite the same as expectation.  I knew August would be hectic, but anticipating August in July is not even close to the same as experiencing the actual month of mayhem.

This gives me hope that although my faith and my vision of heaven is weak, I can be confident that the infinite and future reality will exceed all my present and limited expectations.

There are a lot of things I’d like to share, and I could do the classic numbered list with very little rhyme or reason, but it’s 1:45am and that’s probably not the best use of my time right now (anything involving being awake is probably not the best use of time at this point).I did want to share an update about our adoption, though, and ask for your prayers for an immediate need.  Here’s the email Cindi sent out Thursday night:


I wanted to send out a brief adoption update and also ask that you would all PRAY!Many of you know that Gunner and I received Judah’s birth certificate and abandonment papers about 2 and a half weeks ago. We had been waiting for them for over 4 months so this was a HUGE step and we are so thankful! We have one more form to file with our government and these are the only 2 things we need to be able to file.

We discovered the next day that the Los Angeles office will only accept original documents. We received Judah’s original birth certificate…and a copy of his abandonment papers. We found out the Amani Baby Cottage (where Judah is) will not send the original abandonment papers because they have to have it in Uganda to prove that they have legal custody of him. ABC decided they would send a notorized, certified, signed by a judge copy to us for us to file with Judah’s birth certificate. This copy is supposed to be here in the morning. This is NOT what our governement wants us to file.

Tomorrow I am going down to the LA office with 2 other women who are adopting from ABC (Lisa Tatlock and Cheryl Pari) and we are asking everyone to please, please pray that the Lord would allow these papers to be accepted. We are well aware that we are not turning in what they require. We are equally aware that our God is in control. The 2 ladies who work in the adoption/orphan unit in the LA office are not very easy to work with and they don’t seem to show much compasion or care for adopting families so pray that the God who softens hearts will soften theirs!

The I-600 (this final form) normally takes 4-6 weeks to get approved/denied so we won’t probably hear anything for a while but I will try to let you know when we do hear something.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone and everyone :)

The Lord is good.

cindi (and Gunner)

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