Not For Anyone

I find my two-month-old soon-to-be-adopted son looking at me every time I turn my computer on.  He's (of course) my desktop background.  If you want to see what I get to look at every day, check him out.

I know his age (two months); where he's from (Uganda and the Amani Baby Cottage); what his orphanage name is (Charles); and what he looks like, based on one picture.  But I love him very much, already.

As I looked into his eyes tonight, I couldn't help but think one particular thing:

I wouldn't send him to die on a cross for almost anyone.

I think that having a son will teach me a lot about the gospel.  A lot about the depth of love the Father must have for sinners if He would sacrifice His Son to save us.  A lot about the beauty and gore of atoning grace.  Bulls, goats, pigeons, and lambs are one thing.  God's beloved Son is another.

Remember, Friends: the love of God
Shines brightest from the glistening rod
Of wrath that drips with blood so bright
That it can make the darkness light.
Imagine—all on your behalf,
A Father broke His Son in half.
Imagine—it will steal your breath:
A Father beat His Son to death,
And gave His body to be cursed,
And loved you best and loved you first.*

Already I am learning.  Thank you, son.  And thank you, Father.

* From "Ripple."


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