I get to go home to Oklahoma this weekend for my mom's fiftieth birthday.  All four boys will be home (I'm number two).  I imagine I'll end up writing something about my mom in the coming days.  There's a lot to say, and it's all better than good.

I'm up late tonight studying for a New Testament Introduction quiz dealing with the origins of the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.  I took a break and read over some of my thoughts from my Uganda trip.  Since I'm going home on Friday, I thought of Howard.  Howard's being adopted into a family in Tulsa.  In fact, Cindi talked to a woman from the orphanage the other day and she said that two families from Tulsa were currently at the orphanage picking up their adopted children.  So Howard might already be back in Tulsa, for all I know.  This is amazing.

I love Howard.  He has big, curious eyes, and he really liked it when I bent down and smiled at him and held his little hand and told him that he was going to live in Tulsa where I grew up.  I think he was excited to live in Tulsa.  Or maybe he was just fascinated to see a white guy.  It's hard to tell.  What's easy to tell is that Howard is precious, and his picture's well-worth posting here.  I think you'll agree.

This is my good friend Howard.  We grew up in the same city.  God is shockingly sovereign.


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