Fundraiser for Missions & Adoption

Speaking of Uganda, Cindi (my wife) has organized a great fundraiser to support a TMC summer missions team headed to Uganda this summer as well as our African adoption (which we are planning to be from Uganda).  Every penny earned will support the cause of Christ in Africa, either short-term or long-term (and in the end, it's all long-term, isn't it?).

She's selling a Salt Sea Scrub for $30.  It's an exfoliant, which means that it removes dead skin cells and dirt from your skin and makes it really soft (that definition is for you guys who, like me, don't immediately know what an "exfoliant" is). 

You can buy for yourself, your wife, your fiance, your girlfriend, your current interest, your mom, your dad, your relatives, your grandparents, and any hairless mammals you might own.  Even some rough-and-tumble guys I know have tried it and liked it.  From what I know, the stuff is great.  I haven't actually used it, but Cindi has, and she doesn't sell things that she doesn't wholeheartedly believe in.

So, for the sake of Africa, email Cindi ( if you're interested.


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